Don’t Give Up

Keeping our faith working during the trying time of life is the key to victory and overcoming in our lives. It seems that over time and the weariness of the battles of life can cause us to give up and lose the victory. In Mark 5 when Jairus was asking Jesus to come and heal his daughter. Jesus was going with him to do what he ask. Then all of a sudden people from Jairus house came and said, don’t brother to have Jesus come for your daughter is dead. Jesus immediately said to Jairus not to fear but only believe. They continued to his house and Jairus daughter was dead. Jairus had to make a decision, to give up or to keep on believing. He choose not to give up. Because of his decision Jesus went in and raised his daughter from the dead. So when things seem hopeless, don’t give up , The battle in life is to fight the good fight of faith. Keep your faith working and don’t give up and victory is assured.


Strife And Bitterness

The bible says in James that where there is strife there is every evil work. Then in           1 Peter it tells us bitterness will hinder your prayers. These are two weapons that satan will use against us if we are not careful. It amazes me sometimes how people just because they can’t have there way, get into strife and bitternss. They think the whole world revolves around them only. When people just don’t drop every thing for them they fall into this trap of strife and bitterness. The bible tells us that wisdom is the principal thing and above all else get understanding. When our emotions get in the way of wisdom we will end up making wrong decisions that can cost us dearly. When our emotions flare up and they will, that is the time to get quiet and look within and see what the spirit of God in you is saying. Don’t over ride the man on the inside your spirit man that is where the wisdom will come from. Don’t depend on people all the time for your help and your support. Learn to trust your heavenly Father, he will tell you what to do and give you the emotional support you need. Watch out for satan traps it can cost you greatly in this life

Face The Enemy

The one biblical story that always blesses me is David and Goliath. How a teenage boy comes forth to face the giant , when nobody else in the whole army of Israel would do anything. Saul was the anointed king, the whole army had the word of God that no man could stand against them. The word said one would put a thousand to flight and no body came forth to stand upon the word of God.  David was able to over come Goliath by standing on the word of God and speaking forth boldly about his God and what he would do to the enemy. Nobody wanted to face Goliath that day or even for the last forty days. They all kept hearing what Goliath said but nobody came forth to say what the word of God says and what God would do for them according to His word. We all will have to face a Goliath in our life one day. Every day is a challenge, but there will be a day when a Goliath will come forth. Study the story of David and Goliath and see how David responded and where his belief and trust where. David killed the lion and the bear before facing Goliath. Learn to walk by the word of God, learn to live by the Spirit of God, never back down from any encounter with the enemy. Don’t grow weary in well doing, Know what Christ has down to the enemy for you and you will win every battle you face.


It seems in life that one thing we continually need is strength . The bible says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that the grace of God is sufficient and God’s strength is made perfect in weakness. Then it says that I will rejoice in my weakness that the power of Christ may rest upon us. So when we come to hard places in life and don’t have the strength to continue, don’t quit. Look to  Him who will gives the grace so we can continue and get the victory. In Ephesians one it says that God exceedingly great power is for us and in us. Let us by faith tap into this power of God that is available for us. The bible tells us that we go from glory to glory and from strength to strength.  His grace is sufficient for all the area’s of life. Let us be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. When you can’t go another step, let us say that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.


No matter how you look at it, with out faith you can’t please God Hebrews 11:6. When it comes to prayer and salvation or any thing that concerns God you must have faith. God gives all men a measure of faith according to Romans 12:3. Also faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God Romans 10:17. You cannot work your way to heaven and you can’t get prayers answered by trying to be good. Many say God love’s you and that’s why you will get to heaven. That is a lie from hell and if you believe that you will never see heaven. God loves us yes, but he gave us Jesus to show us his love so those who believe in Jesus and his death and resurrection will see heaven because of the sacrifice of Christ. Faith is the key to all things with God. The bible says the just shall live by faith Hebrews 10, and those who draw back will draw back to ruin and destruction. So if you what to please God you must believe. In John 20 when Jesus appeared to the disciples Thomas wasn’t there. He told the disciples that he would not believe until he saw Jesus. When Jesus appeared later and Thomas was there. Jesus said Thomas put your hand in my fingers and in my side. When Thomas did he said my Lord and my God I believe. Jesus immediately said to him, blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. So let us learn to walk by faith and not by sight , it will bring rich rewards and blessing into our lives.

Is Jesus alive

That has been the question for over 2,000.00 years. The bible is the oldest book in the world and the number one book to read ever. I have never seen Jesus on the cross or in person. But I have a faith that tells me Jesus has risen and sits at the right hand of  God. The bible is a book if you study, it  will reveal hidden truths to you that you never knew. There is much evidence that support’s the bible and its biblical truth like no other book. The devil works over time trying to disprove the bible . But archeology discovery’S in the last few years back up it claims. It says in Romans 8 that God’s spirit will bear witness with are our spirits that we are the children of God. I have found this to be true  like many others. I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, and because of that belief I know I am saved and going to heaven. Many can argue this but in the end all will have to make the biggest decision of there lives for all eternity. I know with a confidence I know where I am going when I die. The question is do you? God in heaven has made a way for us through his Son Jesus Christ to pay the price for our sins and simple faith that God sent Jesus for us can get you to heaven.

Can God Count On Us.

In Luke 12:42 it talks about one who is faithful and a wise steward. We are always thanking God for his faithfulness to us and always being there when we need him. But here in this parable it is talking about one who is wise and faithful as a steward to his master. The question to us today is, can God count on us?  God needs people who are wise and faithful to him. The only way God can work in the earth is through one that will follow his word and the leading of his Spirit. God needs you as much as you need Him. That is a hard lesson to learn , but when you do it will change your life. With out prayer what can God do in your life? With out obedience what can God do in your life? When you look in the bible we see God working with Abraham, Moses, Noah and many others to get his will accomplished in the earth.  He sent Jesus and then his disciples and Billy Graham and others to get his will and message in this earth. So if you want more of God in your life and see him work in the affairs of your life and family. Learn to be a wise and faithful servant and a child of God, Then God can count on you and you can count of him and there will be a partnership that will bring great blessing to you and the kingdom of God in this earth.

Submit To God Resist the Devil

James 4:7 tells us first to submit to God. This means to put yourself under his authority and use his word. Then you are able to resist the devil. We must understand that James also tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from above, and evil and confusion and strife come from satan. So once we recognize what satan is trying to bring against us. We must stand against it in the name of Jesus. When Jesus was being tempted in Matthew 4, it tells us that Jesus quoted the word against satan and the devil left him. So when any evil comes against you, use the name of Jesus and the word of God and put the devil on the run. To cry out to God to do something when darkness come against you will not work. God tells us to resist the devil and his evil and it will leave. It might seem at times that it not working, but hold fast to your confession of faith and hold on to the word of God and it will work. Darkness and evil and all he try’s to bring against us will flee and you will gain the victory. God will lead us in victory in all things when we stand with him and resist the devil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. John 10:10 is the dividing line in the bible of good and evil. satan comes to steal, kill and destroy ,Jesus has come to give life and life more abundantly.

Praise or Complain

Everyday we have to make choices of how we will react to the situations we face. Jesus said we would have trials and tribulation.  The choice we make to them will determine the out come of the situation. Praise brings us into the presence of God and will release His ability to help us in our time of need. Complaining can make the situation last longer and be harder on us. The children of Israel complained a lot  when they came out of Egypt even though God was working in there behalf and meeting all of there needs in the desert.  It cost them the promise land and staying in the desert for another 40 years. There complaining also cost there family to suffer longer in the desert.In Philippians it tells us not to complain and not to worry about any thing but with prayer and thanks giving we come to God. Its  our daily choice to decide how we our going to handle situations.  A good rule to follow is faith rejoices gives thanks and is glad, unbelief complains, murmurs and is sad.  S o choose this day which one you will live by. Even on the cross Jesus said forgive them they know not what they are doing. In Psalms 119 it says that they who love thy word that nothing will offend them, Watch out for complaining its stops God from working in you situation. Praise will silence the enemy and give you the victory.

Set Backs

There are times in our lives that things don’t go the way we want them to . There was a time in King Davids life that the nation had a  famine  for three years. It says that King David sought the face of God. Some times in life we wait a while before we get serious with God when things don’t work out right. Why did David wait three years before he sought the face of God in this situation. The bible doesn’t say why , but David got an answer when he sought God. It says God told him  it was because  of King Saul and what he did was causing the problem. So God told him what to do and when he did it the rain came and the famine stop. So when things don’t change and things remain the same we need to learn to go to God and see what he is saying to us. Sometimes it might be us or someone else. God is faithful and when we seek His face the answer and the direction will come and  and the situation will change.